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Entry Two - No Answers

It wasn’t long before we were ambushed in another chamber containing the black slime by a group of the same beast we saw enter the forest. The fight was fast and disorienting, as the monsters vanished and reappeared at will around us; the one detail everyone spotted but did not acknowledge was a large mass of the black…infecting Ignatius, made all the more worrisome by the fact that the bodies of the beasts we slew were quickly devoured by the slime.

It was only minutes before we entered another chamber, containing the first humanoids we’d seen since being trapped within here, but there was little time for words as one of three fled through some kind of gateway, like those at the guild house, leaving the other two figures robed in black who caused the slime beneath us to rise and harden into the shape of men, over a dozen of them standing and lifting their weapons like clockwork. With so many of them being so close together, I saw an opportunity I was eager to take to prove myself to my bullheaded party – I rushed forward and settled myself into the Spiral form, sending out strikes of force energy into their lines. I didn’t feel very clever afterward when I felled a single one, and the woman knocked me unconscious with some kind of magic, leaving me pinned for the rest of the battle, while the others slaughtered both mages, leaving us without answers as to what exactly happened here. O’naril unceremoniously looted the corpses and gifted me the seemingly magical gloves the woman was wearing; I wanted to tell him off and throw them in his face, but I’m not sure how they would react. What have I gotten myself into?

After tending to our wounds and some more petty bickering between Cyren and O’Naril, we were quick to leave the horrid building and attempt to return to the road…where we mysteriously found the previously blocked path open, but not to where we entered. According to Raven we were now much farther northeast than Talecia, and with the light dying and very few answers to headed to a town visible just a few miles away.


I do so enjoy reading these

Entry Two - No Answers

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