Our Thing

Mission 1 - Nautica- Day 1 & 2

My first entry

Last night was my first night as a member of Mr. Kimnule’s establishment, and I don’t think I could have imagined a more awkward first impression. The existing five members had decided to throw something of a celebration after returning from what was apparently their first mission, the specifics of which I know not. I unfortunately chose to make my entrance during what appeared to be a lover’s spat between the elvish mage, O’naril, and the short-tempered paladin, Cyren. Briefly spoke to the dragonborn, Ignatius if I recall correctly, who seems nice but quiet; not as quiet as the elven woman with glasses, however.

I scarcely had time to enjoy any of the food before Cyren joined us in the dining area and attached herself to me, with the overpowering odor of alcohol on her breath and a frustrated rage simmering behind her wavering voice. With her lover bemused at the situation and unwilling to intercede, she dragged me to a decent-looking bar a few islands over and told me what I already knew – she was there out of spite, although from what I glimpsed of their previous argument I’m not sure how much it has accomplished. Was very uncomfortable: the things she bemoaned, her hatred of her features – there was much I wanted to say, but not yet. Did not mention what triggered feelings today. Taking out her perceived dysmorphia on O’Naril? What happened during their mission?

They kept me awake for over an hour after we returned to our rooms. Her mood short- lived?

Next morning after Centering and practicing my forms I was given my first assignment along with the others by some kind of magical viewer from Isaac; something about a disease disrupting trade in a town far to the north. The others chose to seek transportation after we left the city, which was soon revealed as a poor decision – we were confronted and surrounded by a group of gangsters, to seek revenge for accusations leveled at their leader by O’naril, to which he denied and pleaded for diplomacy. Cyren and Ignatius were unhelpfully aggressive, however, and a melee began: I reacted to defend myself and incapacitated two of the attackers before a heavy blow from the deformed leader knocked me out. I recovered quickly, thanks to a hand from the Dragonborn, and we were able to turn the man away. Cyren very bloodthirsty, personality shift in combat situations disturbing. O’naril injured but did not seem phased. Have better control of my abilities, but did not perform well.



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