Cyren Eplison

  • Female Tiefling
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5’ 8”
  • Weight: 158
  • Hometown: Mallowwell Village, Gaelith

Cyren is a short-tempered, over-zealous Disciple of Bane. Though taught by her Tiefling mother to be kind and understanding, her views of the world and “normal” races (humans, elves, dwarves, and Halflings) became skewed when her mother was murdered for simply being different. (Though it is noted that she prefers the company of other “not-so-normal” races: Dragonborn, Tieflings, and Warforged.) Her human father is currently living and the two have a tremulous relationship. She has little patience for diplomacy and even less for foolishness. She is not completely vicious, as she does have an extremely motherly instinct and looks to consistently protect her allies from harm. She does not outwardly display these affectionate emotions, as she believes them to be a form of weakness.

She is currently romantically tied to O’naril Amasi, a half-elf bard from a neighboring city in her hometown. Out of every companion they’ve travelled with, he is the only one able to calm her and speak to her without her getting overly defensive. Their relationship was extremely spiteful and unstable at first, due to the extreme personality differences of both members. It, however, developed to the point where Cyren would throw down her life if it ensured his survival. Her compassion and softer sides come out more often around him than any other party member. As a result for her devotion to the bard, she is currently residing in Talecia, unwilling to leave his side. She is extremely private of her affections (and other actions) towards him, only allowing it to slip when O’naril becomes coy and playful towards her in the company of others. Notably, it seems she looks to him for guidance when she is unsure of how to deal with a situation and will usually give him the reigns to take lead over interactions with others, remaining silent until provoked. She has stated before that she is vexed about how he can remain kind and understanding of everyone, regardless of their transgressions against him. She silently envies this quality about him; it was the quality that separated her mother’s personality from hers.

She is very intrapersonal, avoiding large groups of people whenever possible and preferring her own company (or O’naril’s) to anyone else. Cyren has been known to be very stubborn and, as such, she will never shy down from a challenge. She has an affinity for flowers, particularly Gardenias, the kind her mother would receive from her father every fortnight.


She is a moderately tall female Tiefling with deep brown hair, black and red eyes, and a reddish-tan complexion. She prefers buckles, fur lined clothing, and the occasional spike to seem more intimidating that she actually is. She sports light, skimpy clothing and dresses for flexibility (but her allies will call her risqué).

Cyren Eplison

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