Erik Strauss

  • Human Male Paladin
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 175lbs.
  • Birthplace: Baystown, Gaelith

Erik Strauss is a Paladin from the Temple of Avandra that is located in the town of Baystown. Erik was part of one of the earlier teams that featured O’naril, Cyren, a warforged named Relic and a dwarf by the name of Brobdignagian Bronzeballs. Erik didn’t give out much information about his self when he was with the party, and seems a bit socially backwards compared to the rest of the group, however he would often mention a girl, but no specifics were ever truly given out abotu this girl.


When Erik first appeared to the part he had short black hair, almost in a bowl cut on top of his head, but it was accented by the black beard on his face and dark brown eyes.He had a fair skin complexion, and it wasn’t known if he spent much time out in the sun or not. Erik wore scale mail armor over his clothing, and a whilte cape.

Erik Strauss

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