Ignatius Rumora

  • Male Dragonborn
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 6’ 8”
  • Weight: 306 lbs.
  • Birthplace:

Ignatius is a brave and loyal solider. He is a red dragonborn, towering over his allies due his monstrous height. He is knowledgeable in the history of his people and his fallen empire. He holds little malice towards his enemies and seems to be the foundation of this group, constantly holding his companions apart from tearing themselves limb from limb. His ultimate goal is to bring the rubble and ash of Arkhosia back to its once former glory.


Tall by human and dragonborn standards, Ignatius is bound with lean muscle. Red scaly skin covers his body as a reminder of his birthright. Along his head rise two hornes swepted back along the ridges of his skull, between that is a small fin standing 3 inches and is continued tward the back of his neck. Where humans and other races would have beards, he has a bony protrusion at the tip of his chin. His arms are long and brawn, with very defined muscles almost as if he were bred for combat. Hands tough and calloused, with sharp but small claws. He wears magical chainmail armor silver in color and adorned with a draconic icon on the chest, fitting snugly along his torso. Under this armor he wears simple black cloth draped from his sholders with the center of his chest and abdomen exposed just as padding. Simple black slacks tapered into his large leather boots finish his daily atire. While adventuring Ignatius straps a back pack along his back just under a heavy wooden shield: reinforced with metal strips. On either side of the back pack are waterskins and on his belt, his most prized posessions. In a brown belt pouch are the items his mother passed to him just before dying. On his left hip is a Kopesh held in a leather scabbard, over his shield is a great axe slung with a flat piece of linen teathered to either end of the haft. The axe is a powerful one, resembling a large straight blade made of cold steel, attached to the haft in two places. The gap in the blade and haft serves as an additional grip. The grips are wrapped in cured leather, stained black.

Ignatius Rumora

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