The ancient human kingdom that functioned as the center of magic and technology for over a thousand years, and remains the cradle of human civilization even after the centuries-long Shadows War. In modern times it spans a modest piece of temperate Arisiel, and even in its reduced state, its populations remain isolated by large stretches of dangerous wilderness. Only the coastal areas and the endless farmlands surrounding its nobility-heavy capital city can be considered safe.

Responsible for the creation of the Warforged.


Nerath is a human kingdom that has existed for thousands of years in various forms. The origins of the state have been lost to history, even by the best scholars, but it is at least known that Nerath had rarely been peaceful. At the apex of its greatness, Nerath had spanned the breadth of Asiriel and the western half of Lomoria to the borders of Bael Turath and incorporated many lesser peoples into the fold, but over time the vast distances began to create holes in the Nerath leadership and system, leading to violent revolt and the glaring weaknesses that lead to the Shadows War.


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